Retro and colorful chrome hearts sunglasses – 2016 trends

In 2016, how can you not follow the trend go? Depending on the State of business’s sunglasses this year, one of the coolest most popular fashion colorful retro round sunglasses, tide, tidal range full!

In order to meet consumers “having a number of mirrors”, the pursuit of fashion, in this group, depending on the State owned a variety of optical glass products “reasonable article”. “2016 new frame mirror, sunglasses, sports such as eye goggles, will be have slashed prices. “The staff member said.

On the day the group, capital of consumers “adequate”, depending on the State of the optical one hundred, you can buy Ray Ban sunglasses, Gucci international brands. In addition, advance book your eyes, event day to purchase and enjoy cash back event. What are you waiting, discounts and freebies, cheap chrome hearts sunglasses, it’s leverage, come and register now!

Summer is coming, what kind of sunglasses are fashion this year? I believe many beauty wants to know. Yesterday, at the Renmin road Dennis department store building, chrome hearts online, a glass counter in charge of chrome hearts sunglasses fashion trends this year are analyzed. He said: “the frame material is dominated by sheet, chrome hearts online shop, colour in fashion color, reflections, gradients, leg detail modifications are also more detailed. ”

Chrome Hearts Girls' Lil Zombie Sunglasses

In sunglasses on the market this year, women still retained last year’s popular elements, retro, color, sheet metal. In addition, gradient lenses and fancy leg became two of the highlights of this year, chrome hearts online seem retro, elegant and cool.

“Fashion’s cycle, retro glasses looked more gas, and large boxes of glasses can also face seem smaller, more ’90 ‘ and ’00 ‘ aesthetic. “Chrome hearts says,” of the last century 80 ‘s popular ‘ frog mirror ‘ back again this year. ”

This year, the sunglasses in color, the purple gradient, reflective blue gradient, orange reflective gradient …
Colorful gradient sunglasses are a must when more women travel items. Chrome hearts pointed out that, although the color gradient lenses pretty fresh, but out of consideration for shading, anti-UV, most consumers still prefer on lens choice blue, Brown, dark green, dark colors.

Chrome Hearts T Bird White Shiny Silver Sunglasses

Now, as demand increases, sunglasses instead of shortening of life. chrome hearts online: “in the past a pair of sunglasses, a lot of people will be wearing two or three years, but now people are more willing to experiment with various styles of sunglasses, chrome hearts sunglasses, some consumers will be buying a summer two different styles of sunglasses. ”

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